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We love nonprofits. Particularly small ones. Having served more than 8 years with a nonprofit and helping friends and family with their nonprofits along the way, Dodd has seen the issues these small charities face when it come to websites and online fundraising. They need help but don’t always have the knowledge or big budget to seek it out.

We’ve seen volunteers design a website and 5 years later the staff has no way of updating it. We’ve met nonprofit directors who have no idea how to get a website on the internet. We’ve talked to charity staff that spend hours making simple updates to their site – deciding what font size to use or whether to wrap text to the left or right of photos. And we’ve looked at way too many charity websites with no online donation options at all.

Truth is, most people who start nonprofits are really passionate about their mission, but not so much when it comes to technology, web design, or fundraising. That’s where we come in. We’re passionate about all of that. We want to help small nonprofits free their time and energy to fulfill their missions. That’s why we created Bellstrike – so they can grow from grassroots to big-time!

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In The Press

If you run a non-profit organization and need a presence online—which you do, considering $15 billion is donated to non-profits online every year, and that number is growing—this is the place to stop and setup. PC Magazine

Bellstrike uses beautiful fonts, eye-catching colors, social media options and modern themes to create websites that help nonprofits communicate their missions and raise the funds they need to keep operating. VentureBeat

The founders… sure put some love into all of this. Swiss Miss

Bellstrike…gives nonprofits the tools to build their own sites—and rake in funds—in just minutes. Fast Company

Bellstrike is a new site that makes it easier than ever for non-profits to get a professional looking site up and running in minutes. The Next Web

Bellstrike is a free web design, build, and hosting service for charities that removes the hassle from online fundraising. SpringWise

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