Cost & Pricing

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    How much does Bellstrike cost?

    You can use Bellstrike for free. There are no setup charges or monthly fees. If someone does make an online donation, we receive 6% and WePay (the company that handles the credit card transactions) receives 3.5%. We cap our fees so that you never pay Bellstrike more than $80 in a calendar month. Once you've reached $80, you just pay WePay's 3.5% for transactions.

    We only get paid when you’re successful and you never have to pay anything out-of-pocket. If your nonprofit never receives a single online donation, you still get this cool website for free and we don’t see a dime.

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    How do I get donations?

    WePay is a trusted online payment transaction company that we use to process all donations. People can donate to your nonprofit with either their credit cards or their bank accounts. Donors don’t have to have a WePay account to donate. You’ll receive the money directly into your WePay account and you can transfer it to your bank account instantly or have them send you a check.

    As you’re filling in information to create your Bellstrike account, we’ll create a WePay account for you and take you to their website so you can create a unique WePay password. You’ll automatically be directed right back to Bellstrike when you’re done. If you already have a WePay account, great. You’ll be able to enter your password to confirm that you’re allowing donations on your Bellstrike account to be placed into your WePay account. Learn More about WePay and Bellstrike

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    What’s the deal with credit card transaction fees?

    WePay, the company that we use to process your donations, charges 3.5% for credit card transactions with a minimum of $.50 per transaction.

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    Do I have to pay extra for hosting?

    Nope. Hosting (the service that puts your website on the internet) is included in your Bellstrike website.

For Beginners

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    What do I need in order to sign up for Bellstrike?

    All you’ll need is to enter some basic information like your name, the name of your organization, your email, and a password, etc. We create a WePay account for you so that you can accept donations immediately. You’ll need to create a separate password for that.

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    What kinds of nonprofits is Bellstrike made for?

    We created Bellstrike for US based small nonprofits. If you’re a larger nonprofit, we may or may not work for you and that’s OK. We’re here to help nonprofits that want something that’s easy, quick and just plain works.

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    If I'm a nonprofit based outside of the US can I use Bellstrike?

    Unfortunately, no. The company that Bellstrike uses to handle donation transactions, WePay, only allows US based organizations to accept donations. In the future we may be able to offer Bellstrike to international nonprofits.

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    What's the myCause social fundraising section all about?

    The myCause tab on your website is a place where your supporters can raise money for you, tell everyone why they support you, and track donations at the same time. For instance, someone may want to run a marathon, give up their birthday presents, or do something else creative. They can create a fundraising page and send everyone there to donate to your nonprofit. We've baked in sharing tools like Facebook and Twitter. They'll be able to track their progress and see who's donated. In addition, every time they donate a gift catalog item or make a general donation on your site, it will show up on their profile page. Of course, if you're not interested in the myCause section, you can always disable it.

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    What's the Gift Catalog all about?

    Gift Catalogs are a clever twist to online donations. Create a catalog that lets people “shop” for donations. It’ll create a stronger emotional connection between your organization and your donors than Tom Selleck has with his moustache. Represent all your nonprofit’s needs: accounting fees, printer cartridges, kitchen sinks, child sponsorships, counseling services, etc. Add a photo, a price, a description, and a title. Here are some examples.

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    How do my donors get receipts for their gifts?

    We automatically send your donors a receipt for their gifts. WePay will email you when you receive a donation. If you want to email the donor a personalized thank you note, (which we highly recommend) you can do that.

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    Am I locked into using Bellstrike?

    Nope. There are absolutely no contracts or anything like that with Bellstrike. If you want to stop using Bellstrike, you can delete your account at any time.

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    Is all of my donor information portable?

    Yep. At any point, you can access your donor information and download it in a spreadsheet. We have instructions on how to do that in our Help section.

Growing Your Nonprofit

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    How does Bellstrike help me get the word out about my nonprofit?

    Social Media Followers – If you have a Facebok or Twitter account, people can follow you from one of the links (that we automatically create) on your homepage.

    Grant Contest - The Bellstrike Grant Contest is designed to encourage your donors to share their support of your nonprofit on Facebook and Twitter

    E-Newsletter Signup – From your homepage, people can signup to receive your nonprofit’s E-Newsletters

    Blog Sharing – With the click of a button, people can share your latest blog entry on their Facebook or Twitter profiles, or by Email.

    Bellstrike Blog – We try to regularly update our blog with tips and education on how you can raise more money and awareness for your nonprofit.

    Gift Catalog Item Sharing – If someone sees an item that you've added to your gift catalog, they can immediately share it through Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

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    Where can I learn more about how to raise money and awareness for my nonprofit?

    Check out our blog. We try to regularly put up information that will help you in all aspects of your organization.

Technical Questions

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    Can I use my own web address?

    Yes! If you've got your own web address (like, you can use it instead of your Bellstrike web address (like Read our instructions on how to make it happen.

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    What if I don't already have a web address?

    No worries! When you sign up for a Bellstrike website we’ll give you your very own Bellstrike web address. It'll be something like You can always buy a custom web address later. Learn how to buy a custom web address in our Help section.

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    Can I track my website's statistics?

    Sure can. Just copy and paste your Google Analytics tracking code and you can track all of your site's activity in Google Analytics.

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    Does Bellstrike handle monthly recurring donations?

    Yep! Donors can choose to have their credit cards charged every month for recurring gifts or they can give one time gifts. We handle all the dirty work of making it happen so you don't have to spend time worrying about it.

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    What types of design customization choices do I have?

    You can choose one of our preset themes (with multiple color options) right out of the box. From there, you can choose your own custom colors without having any technical skills. Or, if you're a web designer with knowledge of CSS, you can use your own CSS rules to customize the designs and colors to your liking even further.

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    Can I rename the pages on my site?

    Yep. You can create your own names for: Programs, Mission, Team, and all Custom Pages and Blog Posts. You can also choose a different name for your Blog and Donate section from our list of alternatives.

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    Does Bellstrike limit the number of text, photos, videos or files that I can put on my site?

    Nope. You can put as much as you want on your site!

About Bellstrike

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    Where is Bellstrike located?

    In the fetching Greenville, SC. If you haven’t visited, you should book a flight. Like right now. It’s nifty.

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    Is Bellstrike a nonprofit or for-profit company?

    We decided to setup as a for-profit company. We feel like this setup will help us to create really cool stuff for you.

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    Do real people work at Bellstrike?

    Affirmative. We are not cybernetic organisms. Check out our About page or shoot us an email asking a random question if you’re still suspicious.

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