Why Bellstrike?

Having a great website with online giving is becoming more and more important. $15 billion of the $229 billion that individuals give to nonprofits annually comes online. And it’s growing at over 40% a year (and growing fastest for really small nonprofits). Studies show that online donations are like a gateway drug; they lead to larger and more frequent gifts - both online and off.

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Every organization needs to have a website. Bellstrike has made it easier to gain legitimacy within our region.Emily Bent of Sage Girl

How Bellstrike Can Help

  • Cost

    We receive 6% of online donations and WePay receives 3.5% for transaction costs. We cap our fees so you never pay us more than $80/month.

  • Online Fundraising

    Instantly accept online donations. Create a gift catalog that represents all your needs so people can “shop” for donations.

  • Ease

    Leave your tech friends in their nerd cages. No need to hire a designer or programmer - your website is like fill-in-the-blanks.

  • Social Fundraising

    Let supporters raise money and awareness for your nonprofit. Through the myCause tab, they can create personal profiles and fundraising pages on your site.

  • Branding

    It's your website. Brand it with your charity's web address, your logo, and your content - photos, videos, text, and files.

  • Speed

    Get your nonprofit’s website up and running faster than a toddler on a pack of Animal Crackers. Make updates just as quick.

  • Looks

    Don’t give yourself a mental hernia trying to make design decisions. We give you some web design options but they’re all good looking.

  • Receipts

    We automatically send donation receipts. You’ll get the donor’s email as well so you can follow up with a personalized note.

  • Blog

    Keep your website fresh. Do it all from Bellstrike and keep your legions of followers (or at least your Mom) up-to-date on what’s happening.

  • Social

    We bake in Facebook, Twitter, and email goodness all over your site. Spread your nonprofit’s message fast. No work required by you.

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